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Last update: 19.12.2023

placemark on the mapAs it is known, every citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan must be registered at place of residence. In Kazakhstan registration of population at place of residence and temporary residence is prescribed by the Law.

There are 2 types of registration at place of residence- permanent and temporary.

  • Permanent registration- is a registration at place of permanent residence.
  • Temporary registration –is a registration at place of temporary stay (residence) of citizen more than 1 month. 

Registration at the place of residence (permanent) is subject to citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan who have reached the age of 14 (since by the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 30 dated 04.02.2020 "On Amending the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated December 1, 2011 No. 1427 "On Approval of the Rules for Registration of Internal Migrants and Amendments to Some Decisions of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan" registration of children under 14 was canceled).

In this article you will find more information about the term «Temporary registration», how and in what cases it is realized.

Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Population Migration", "On Housing Relations" require citizens to register at the place of temporary stay, as well as liability of housing owners or persons authorized to rent housing to temporarily register citizens living therein.

New provisions of registration relating to citizens who temporarily changed the place of their residence. Citizens who came on a visit and for other purposes up to one month may not register. They are temporary residents.  

The term «temporary residents» is specifies in the article 2 of the Republic of Kazakhstan Law «On housing relations» (temporary residents - citizens, who were given a right by the owner to reside in his housing on a free basis).

Citizen arrived to place of temporary stay for more than 1 month must register within 10 days.

Where can you register and what documents are required for temporary registration?

Registration of citizens at place of their temporary stay is carried in public service centers (PSC) or through the portal of "electronic government". Registration procedure takes  10-15 minutes. Data is inserted into information system which comes to Governmental data base "Individuals". When submitting an electronic registration request through the "electronic government" portal, the service "Temporary registration of population of the Republic of Kazakhstan at place of residence" is selected. It requires electronic digital signature of service recipient and owner of accomodation to sign a consent for registration in "personal office. Registration at temporary stay (residence) via the portal  is carried out in online regime.

Following documents are required for registration when applying in public service centers:

  • consent of housing owner with indication of owner's registration code (or of authorised delegate with notarized power of attorney for a tenant);
  • identity document of owner (personal presense is a must);
  • identity document of registered person.

Note, that temporary registration- it can not be a basis to aquire a right of ownership and does not give a right to pretend for housing.

What is non-implementation of rules subject to? 

Citizens residing at place of temporary stay without registration are subject to administratiove responsibility. Thus, temporary residing without registration from 10 calendar days to one month is subject to warning.  After expity of one month citizens are imposed a fine in size of 7 MCI. Tenants, who rent out their appartments and do not register residents will also bear administrative responsibility. Size of fine- 10 MCI (in this case, if the violation is repeated during the year, the penalty is 20 MCI).

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