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Last update: 02.06.2023

 online training courses

Today, distance learning is used in all the universities of the country.

Distance learning in Kazakhstan involves training carried out with the interaction of a teacher and students at a distance, including through the use of information and communication technologies and telecommunication means.

The requirements for educational organizations to provide distance learning and the Rules for arranging distance learning educational process were approved by the Order of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Norms have been introduced stating that 20% of disciplines in the following areas can be taught online: pedagogical sciences, law, choreography, instrumental performance, aviation technology and technologies, construction, marine technology and technologies, healthcare, military affairs, veterinary medicine.

In the other areas, 50% of disciplines can be taught online.

Distance learning is a promising way to get an education. The creation of an effective distance learning system increases the availability of quality education for a significant part of the population, develops technical skills of students, improves the quality of education through the use of modern technical means, electronic libraries, etc.

A new form of training has been introduced – online learning. The introduction of an online learning form will make it possible to increase the attractiveness of universities in the educational services market, including for foreign students, and reduce financial costs for the maintenance of academic buildings and dormitories.

Online learning will also enable teaching a new generation using artificial intelligence and virtual reality, which it its turn will give impetus to the development of modern digital education in the country.

Today, the Open University of Kazakhstan platform is functioning. Currently, courses in philosophy, mathematics, programming, information technology and business are available, as well as video lectures translated under the project "New Humanities Knowledge. 100 new textbooks in the Kazakh language". Access to online courses from leading Kazakhstani and foreign university teachers is free-of-charge.

The educational portal task is to provide free access to the courses of leading professors and teachers of the country to any student of a higher educational institution.

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