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How to lodge a complaint with the police online. Qamqor service functionality Printable version

Last update: 21.05.2024

qamqor logoQamqor ( is a separate portal of information services of the Committee on Legal Statistics and Special Accounts of the General Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan (CLS&SA).

It is intended for filing appeals to state bodies, statements to the police and monitoring their status. In addition, it contains simple services for obtaining information from databases of criminals, defaulters of alimony, missing people, including and children.

Through Qamqor, you can download statistical reports collected by the CLS&SA on various reports, as well as explore various interactive maps based on statistics.

Below we will tell about each service separately.

Applying online to the police and checking its status

The online service for lodging a complaint with the police can be found at https://erdr- and requires authorization through EDS. It also includes step-by-step instructions for each method of authorization and application.

The service consists of 5 steps - authorization, selection of the criminal investigating authority, indication of personal data, description of the complaint itself and receipt of a notification about the status of the application.

To check the status of the application, you must use a separate service. You need to specify the 14 or 15-digit number of the coupon generated when submitting the complaint.

Checking the status of the filed appeal to government agencies

The service for checking your appeal consists of a field in which you need to specify the 18-digit coupon number issued when the appeal was submitted. Information on registration of the application can be viewed within 24 hours after receiving the coupon.

Car check on the accident

Through the service of checking the car on the accident, you can get information about the participation of the vehicle in the accident, which caused the death or injury of people. It has two types of search – through the vehicle registration plate or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

The service does not show any information about vehicles in the pledge or search.

Check fines

The fines verification service allows you to verify information on administrative violations, unpaid fines and verify that your fine was paid through the Treasury system of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan. For this, it is necessary to indicate the IIN, the number and type of the identity document.

Search for child support payer

A special service displays information about malicious non-payers of child support who are wanted. To search for them, you must specify the full name and date of birth. In the block below there are about 1000 persons (with photos) in the database of child support payers.

Public Sector of the Unified Register of Pre-Trial Investigations

The public sector of the Unified Register of Pre-Trial Investigations ( is a separate portal of the CLS&SA GPO RK, which makes it possible to file statements, petitions and complaints about criminal offenses, as well as check their status.

The portal requires authorization using EDS, has a separate personal account and contains detailed instructions for users .

Legality of business inspection

A special service allows you to track information about the legality of business inspections, i.e. about the presence of act of registration of the inspection. You only need to enter the registration number of the inspection or the order on the appointment of the check by the prosecutor's office.

Note that this service is displayed in a separate free mobile application Qamqor which is available for mobile platforms Android and iOS .

Search for missing children

Information about missing children who are wanted can be checked through this service.

Search for criminals, debtors, missing persons

Through the service of searching for criminals, debtors and missing persons, you can check a person to find out on the wanted list of the CLS&SA GPO RK, persons hiding from the bodies of inquiry, investigation, court, penitentiary and missing persons.

The service also allows you to display a list of specified persons for a specific region, city and its district.

Legal statistics

This section gathers information on legal statistics (statistical reports) for a specified period, region, and government agency. After selecting the desired search parameters, all found documents will be available for download.

Geo maps is a section of geographic information services of CLS&SA, which contains five interactive maps with various statistics of the General Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The criminal offense map (crime map) is an interactive map of Kazakhstan with information about all criminal offenses with a detailed stamp of dates and places of their commission, which will allow anyone who wants to assess the criminal situation at a specific address. For each of the offenses, data are presented on the gravity of the crime, its article, the number of IAB (information accounting book) and the internal affairs authority. The map allows filtering by period, category of crime and place of its commission.

The data appears on the map 15 minutes after the registration of the offense in the Unified Register of Pre-Trial Investigations.

Map of accidents (Accidents Map) - interactive map of road traffic accidents in Kazakhstan. It can filter information about the accident by period, by the presence of injured and dead, by type of accident and the state of the perpetrator, as well as by the category of transport (private or public).

The map of criminal offenses committed by minors is statistical data on these offenses, which are presented in the form of a map with a division by regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, cities and districts. When switching to a specific city or district, a table opens with a list of offenses registered here. It contains the date, number of IAB, the age of the offender, place of study, IAB, severity of the crime, the number and description of the article.

The map of persons who have committed sexual assault against minors is an interactive map of crimes committed by pedophiles. For each of them, a detailed summary is displayed, including a photo of the offender, the full name, his date of birth, the age of the victim, the date of the trial, the sentence and the address of registration.

The map of appeals of individuals and legal entities to state bodies is a service of statistics on the number and status of appeals filed to state bodies, divided by regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, cities and districts, as well as by categories. When you hover the cursor over a specific area, a pop-up window will appear with detailed statistics on appeals and their status. The data can also be viewed in the form of graphs and in tabular form.

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