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Property of spouses in mаrriage or the rights of spousеs in case of divorcement Printable version

Last update: 02.05.2023

wedding cakeEntering marriage, not everybody thinks about the order of property ownership in marriage and its sharing in case of divorce. Certainly nobody wants to think of the worst in such a significant moment. In this article we will tell about personal and joint property of spouses, the role of marriage contract, how property shares are distributed, and what conditions will affect on property division upon divorcement.

According to p. 1 art. 32 of the Code On Marriage (Matrimony) and Family legal marital property regime is a regime of their joint ownership, if only the marriage contract was not specified by other conditions. Property acquired by spouses while marriage is their joint property, in accordance with the article 33 of the Code. Property acquired while marriage is joint, but each of the spouses may also have private property.

Joint property means that it is not divided on shares. Private property differs from the joint one that it belongs only to one person and therefore cannot be divided upon divorce.

What does privet property include?

What does joint property include

Spouses shares in joint property and what is considered by the court in case of property division

How to share real estate upon divorcement or special cases of property division

Are the debts divided upon divorcement or responsibility of spouses for obligations

How to submit an application to the court for property division upon divorcement or after it?


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