May 22, 2020

The service on issuance of driving licenses had been enhanced on e-Gov Portal. Now, one can obtain it upon expiry of a document, change of surname/name/patronymic, its loss or theft.

May 22, 2020

«Электрондық үкімет» порталында жүргізуші куәліктерін беру бойынша көрсетілетін қызмет жетілдірілді. Енді оны мерзімі өткен, тегін, атын және әкесінің атын ауыстырған, құжатты жоғалтқан немесе ұрлаған кезде пайдалануға болады.

May 22, 2020

На портале «Электронное Правительство» усовершенствована услуга по выдаче водительских удостоверений. Теперь ей можно воспользоваться при истечении срока, смене фамилии, имени и отчества, утере или краже документа.

May 19, 2020

Singe information system of legal assistance “e-Zan Komegi” is a tool using which each citizen can obtain a professional online and free-of-chargelegal assistance.

May 19, 2020

«Е–Заңкөмегі»  заң көмегінің бірыңғай ақпараттық жүйесі - бұл әрбір азамат үйден шықпай-ақ, мүлдем тегін білікті заң көмегін ала алатын құрал.

May 19, 2020

Единая информационная система юридической помощи «Е–Заңкөмегі» - это инструмент, с помощью которого каждый гражданин сможет получить квалифицированную юридическую помощь, не выходя из дома, и абсолютно бесплатно.

May 18, 2020

Today, convenient commission-free payment through QR-code scanning via mobile app is available on e-Gov Payment Gateway.

"Digital Kazakhstan" State Program
Affordable Internet for everyone
What opportunities does digitalization offer
What digital technologies are?
Digital Kazakhstan is a program designed to accelerate the development pace of Kazakhstan economy and to improve the quality of life of our citizens.

The aim of the program:

1. Accelerating the economic development of the Republic of Kazakhstan and improving the quality of life of the population

2. Creating conditions for the transition of the economy to a fundamentally new trajectory - the digital economy of the future

The program will be implemented in the period 2018-2022 and will provide an additional impetus for the technological modernization of the flagship sectors of the country as well as create conditions for large-scale and long-term growth of labor productivity.
bln. KZT
Digitalization of Healthcare
bln. KZT
Digitalization of the social and labor sphere
bln. KZT
Digitalization of education
bln. KZT
Digitalization of Finance
bln. KZT
Public services automation
bln. KZT
Digitalization of local executive bodies (smart city components)
Targets by 2022

Increase in labor productivity

in the «Mining and Quarrying» section
in the «Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries» section
Share of e-commerce in total retail trade volume
in the «Transport and Storage» section
in the «Manufacturing» section
Growth of created jobs due to digitalization

Share of public services received electronically in the total volume of public services

Share of Internet users
Level of digital literacy of the population
67 bln. tenge
Volume of investments attracted to startups
63 place
in the WEF GCI rating on the indicator Ability to Innovate
30 place
in the ITU rating on the Information and Communication Technology Development Index
  1. National Program to Establish e-Government in the Republic of Kazakhstan

    In 2006, for the first time in Kazakhstan,, an e-government portal, was introduced. Availability of online public services became possible thanks to the introduction of digital signature (DS) for citizens on a free-of-charge basis. DS allows you to receive necessary public services and certificates from your home.

    More than 6 million people use eGov portal today. It is possible to deliver 760 online services through its infrastructure.

  2. e-Procurement

    Since 2010, public procurement has been carried out through portal in real-time mode. This ensures the transparency of the process and the efficiency of budget funds utilization.

    The system makes it possible to conclude electronic contracts, conduct procurement procedures, identify a supplier, and publish information on concluded contracts and results of their execution.

  3. e-Pay

    The Single e-Gov Payment Gateway is an integrated system operating between government payment systems and banks. Kazakhstanis have a capability to pay for 120 types of taxes, state duties, fines as well as utilities and mobile communications.

    The full list of eGov online payments can be found here.

  4. e-License

    Since 2012, Kazakhstanis can receive all types of licenses and permits online on the portal

    The top 5 most popular services of the portal include the following:

    • on approval of land management projects;
    • notification of the start of activities as an individual entrepreneur;
    • issuance of a specialist certificate for admission to clinical practice;
    • issuance of permission to acquire civilian weapons and ammunition for individuals;
    • attraction of foreign labor force to carry out labor activities in the territory of the respective administrative-territorial unit.

    In 2017, more than 24 thousand licenses and 725 thousand permits and notifications were issued through the system.

    The full list of e-license services can be found here.

  5. «Digital Kazakhstan-2020» National Program

    To provide prerequisites which will boost the migration to information society and to fulfill the Presidential Order given at the article “Social Modernization of Kazakhstan: Twenty Steps towards Society of Universal Labour” as of July 10, 2012, “Digital Kazakhstan-2020” National Program was approved on January 8, 2013.

    Based on the global practices of creating an information society as well as on provisions of the abovementioned documents, the Program has four key areas:

    1) Provision of public administration system efficiency;

    2) Provision of ICT infrastructure availability;

    3) Creation of information environment for socioeconomic and cultural development of society;

    4) Development of domestic information space.

  6. e-Court Room

    A single window for access to judicial bodies’ online services is designed for submission of electronic applications, petitions and complaints in civil and criminal cases. In addition, eGov users can log into the "Courtroom" without authorization.

  7. e-Healthcare

    Since 2015, the population's access to open medical databases has increased. The following services were automated on the eGov portal: "Doctor's Home Call", "Book an appointment to doctor" and "Registration in medical organization". And through the portal of the Hospitalization Bureau the patient gets information about free beds in any hospitals of the republic for the next three days. If a patient has already received a referral from a doctor with a hospitalization code, he or she can review the current waiting lists for regional and national clinics and track his or her order.

  8. Open Government

    Further improvement of transparency, accountability and efficiency of government agencies is connected with the development of the "Open Government" of Kazakhstan. It consists of five components:

  9. «Digital Kazakhstan» National Program

    The logical step after consistent and comprehensive move towards digital transformation was to launch “Digital Kazakhstan” National Program in 2017. The program consists of five major areas based on which 17 initiatives were launched and over 120 events were held.

    In the coming years, we will be able to witness such effects from implementation of the initiatives as acceleration of economic development and enhancement of Kazakhstani citizens’ living standards. Major results on the other hand will be seen within the following decades when digital sector will be formed as a new economic sector.

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