October 20, 2020

Kazakhstani citizens who lost their relatives can get a death statement via eGov.kz portal.

October 20, 2020

eGov.kz порталдан жақындарынан айырылған қазақстандықтар қайтыс болғаны туралы анықтаманы ала алады.

October 20, 2020

Казахстанцы, потерявшие своих близких, могут получить справку о смерти на портале eGov.kz.

October 14, 2020

A new service is available on eGov.kz portal which enables Kazakhstani citizens ordering a delivery of the national license plate and vehicle registration certificate. To do this, one just needs to indicate the required data, residential address and pay for the service. Afterwards, a “Government for Citizens” State Corporation employee will deliver a license plate and certificate to a place of residence.

Digitalization of finance
Digitalization of finance

As part of the implementation of the Address of the Head of State to the people of Kazakhstan "New development opportunities in the context of the fourth industrial revolution" dated January 10, 2018, the Ministry of Finance is implementing a number of projects aimed at digitalization of the financial sector.


Today the Ministry of Finance is working on several projects at once, which concern not only the tax and customs block, but also the integration of business processes of the budget block, including the planning of the budget. This includes tax collection, public procurement and improving the quality of public audit and control.


Among the main tasks are optimization and automation of business processes, improvement of the quality of services, as well as strengthening of measures to combat corruption.

20 mln.
services were delivered online in 2018 by the Ministry of Finance
86 thsd.
VAT payers are registered with EI IS as of 15 January 2019
Tax revenues increased
1.5 times
(up to KZT 516 million)
in 2018
KZT 4,8 bln.
of additional tax revenues from the pilot "Remote control through analysis of water and energy consumption"
The time for obtaining permits for the "Single Window" project will be reduced to
1 minute
by the end of 2019
PLANS of the Ministry of Finance
  • Enhancement of electronic commerce legislation
  • Introduction of payment system integrated with eGov infrastructure
  • Development of Fulfillment and E-commerce centers
  • Introduction of remote identity identification
  • Development of measures to introduce non-cash payments and reduce cash turnover
  • Introduction of regulation in terms of creating Open API in the financial industry
  • Incorrect payments will be reduced by 3 times, and the time spent on paying taxes with the help of electronic purse will be reduced by 75%
  • 985 republican budget state institutions prepare budget applications for 2020-2022 in e-format
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