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Last update: 26.02.2020

Today, phone number can be changed via e-Gov portal or Egov mobile app.

! Phone number can be changed only by users who registered their phone numbers in Personal Account. If you are did not register your phone number, use the guidelines for phone number registration, which you can find in “Help” section.   Otherwise the procedure is called “Registration in Mobile Government”.

Changing phone number via e-Gov portal

  1. Sign in on the portal by the following link:
  2. Click “Sign in” button, indicate IIN and password or use digital signature.  (Pic.1)



Pic. 1

    1. Enter Personal Account by clicking “Personal Account” button. (Pic. 2)


Pic. 2

  1. In personal account, select editing symbol in “Phone number” line. Click it. (Pic. 3)


Pic. 3

  1. Indicate a new phone number and code word. Click “Save” button. (Pic. 4)


Pic. 4


  1. Confirm phone number alteration via SMS code, which you will receive on your phone number. Click “Confirm” button (Pic. 5)


Pic. 5

  1. Sign a request using your digital signature. (Pic. 6)


Pic. 6

  1. Congratulations, your phone number has successfully been changed!

Changing phone number via Egov mobile app​

! If mobile app is not installed, use Guidelines for working in mobile app published in “Help” section. 


Option 1. Changing phone number during signing in


  1. Open Egov mobile app.
  2. Fill in user data and familiarize with user agreement. Click “Sign in” button.
  3. Fill in a new phone number and delete the previous one. Click “Next” button.
  4. Confirm phone number change by inserting SMS-code that you will receive on your phone. Click “Confirm code” button.
  5. Then, upload digital signature to confirm phone number. Click “Upload certificate” button.
  6. Indicate password and click “Sign” button.
  7. Congratulations, phone number has successfully been changed!


Option 2. Changing phone number via “Settings” section


  1. Open “Settings” section and select “Change phone number”.
  2. Follow the steps described above.

Changing phone number for Android users (Option 1)



Changing phone number for Android users (Option 2)





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