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Last update: 14.09.2021

Today, e-commerce is becoming more popular in our country, though it is not that easy to establish such a business.

In the material, we will briefly describe what the stages of online shop establishment are, what is needed to be done for its registration and how to start legal sales.

Conditions, requirements and stages of e-commerce 

E-commerce involves activities related to selling of goods via online shop or online platform.

Main stages:

  1. Draw up a business plan;
  2. Attract investments and find initial capital;
  3. Design a website for your online shop. Describe your requirements to the shop, select prototypes and apply to a web-studio after familiarization with its pricelist and alignment with budget;
  4. Register as an individual entrepreneur or register a legal entity;
  5. Notify a tax authority on commencement of activities in the field of e-commerce;
  6. Think through logistics, i.e. acquisition of goods, their storage and delivery;
  7. Hire personnel and organize their work;
  8. Carry out activities to promote your online shop (both online and offline);
  9. Always keep consumer rights and seller liabilities in mind.

We won`t provide a detailed information on business plan, initial capital, and on how to organize the work of online shop as those are essential requirements and business success depends on adequate planning and volume of investments.  

Ability to find a niche, select goods, which will attract people and establish logistics, is not an easy task requiring a comprehensive analysis and preparation.

Keep in mind that the following conditions should concurrently be observed when performing e-commerce activities:

  • goods are sold to individuals;
  • transactions are executed online;
  • payment method should be cashless;
  • availability of courier services, personal courier service or under contract with individuals delivering services on transportation of freights as well as courier and (or) postal activities.

Registration in tax authority to perform e-commerce activities

After you have registered as an individual entrepreneur or legal entity, you need to notify a State Revenue Department at the place of location (tax authority) on registration as taxpayer performing certain types of activities. 

This can be done via online service available on e-Licensing Portal – Notification on commencement or termination of activities as taxpayer performing certain types of activities

Consumer (customer) rights 

Consumers have a right for:

  1. conclusion of contracts on acquisition of goods (execution of works, delivery of services);
  2. awareness in the field of protection of consumer rights;
  3. obtainment of information about goods (works, services) as well as about seller (producer, provider);
  4. acquisition of safe goods (works, services);
  5. free choice of goods (works, services);
  6. adequate quality of goods (works, services);
  7. exchange and return of goods both of inadequate and adequate quality;
  8. reimbursement of losses (damage) to the full extent that were inflicted to life, health and (or) property due to deficiencies of goods (works, services);
  9. obtainment of document from a seller (producer, provider) certifying the fact of acquisition of goods (execution of works, delivery of services);
  10. submission of claim to initiator (organizer) of games regarding the quality of goods (works, services) provided (executed, delivered) as prize;
  11. establishment of public consumers` associations;
  12. refurbishment of moral harm;
  13. protection of rights and legal interests;
  14. execution of other rights stipulated by the Law and other legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Within 14 days from the moment of acquisition of non-food good, if other term is not provided by a seller (producer), consumer has a right to exchange an acquired good at the place of acquisition or other places announced by a seller (producer) to a similar good of other size, form, model, colour, set as agreed by parties and perform review calculation if there is price difference.       

If a seller does not have a relevant good for exchange, a consumer has a right to return an acquired good to seller (producer) and obtain money back. 

In case if a document certifying the fact of acquisition of good was lost or not issued to a consumer than a good can be exchanged or returned, if a consumer will prove the fact of good acquisition from seller (producer).

Liabilities of seller  

Seller (producer) should ensure exchange and return of non-food goods of adequate quality, if it was not used, its market condition, application properties, security seals and stamps are intact, and also documents is provided certifying a fact of a good acquisition within 14 calendar days, if longer period is not provided by contract from the date of goods acquisition, except:

  • pharmaceutical products and medical devices;
  • underwear;
  • legwear;
  • animals and plants;
  • goods sold based on metreage, namely fabrics out of fiber of all types, knitted and curtain fabric, artificial fur, carpeting items, nonwoven fabrics, ribbons, laces, tapes, cords, cables, linoleum, picture frames, film, oilcloth;
  • mobile communication user equipment.

Also, as a seller you should:

  • publish links on web-resources (electronic trading platform, online shop, information and advertising trading platform) with indication of information on major consumer properties of goods, name of seller, legal address and subscriber`s number registered at mobile communication operator of the RoK;
  • prior to conclusion of purchase/sale agreement, provide information to a customer in Kazakh and (or) Russian about good, its price, payment procedure, delivery conditions and price, guarantee period (if available);
  • when selling goods based on sample and (or) description, you should provide a customer with good which correspond to sample and (or) description;
  • have documents certifying the ownership right for goods, except for own-produced goods.
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