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Last update: 31.05.2024

headphones and keyboardHow does the Integrated Call Center work?

The Integrated Call Center (hereinafter - ICC) began its operation on November 29, 2011 under National Information Technologies JSC. At the outset, the ICC work was aimed at providing assistance related to the e-Government portal, consulting the citizens on obtainment of public services online, accepting complaints and suggestions on the quality of public service delivery.

Pursuant to the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan as of February 26, 2016 and the Order of the Acting Minister of Digital Development, Innovations and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan as of May 16, 2023, the Integrated Call Center has been transferred to the "Government for Citizens" Public Corporation since April 01, 2021. The ICC operators provide consultations on 1327 public services with subtypes, on the e-Gov portal services, on the activities of Citizen Service Centers, on eOtinish and accept applications for home care after the disabled. The ICC actively participate in solving the strategic tasks of the state. Thus, 1414 operated as a hotline to provide citizens with information about victims and missing persons as a result of actions of criminal groups, provided assistance to non–residents while in the Republic of Kazakhstan, advised on bankruptcy of individuals, elections of deputies to Parliament, legalization of vehicles in the Republic of Kazakhstan, on the social insurance and medical care and on the "National Fund for Children" program.

In 2024, by calling the ICC, citizens can get consultation on compensation for property damaged or destroyed as the result of flooding. The ICC accepts questions regarding the submission of petitions on the issues disturbing the society and requiring the attention of the state via the the official website ( The ICC offices are located in Astana, Kyzylorda, Kostanay, Kokshetau, Petropavlovsk, Taraz and Shymkent. The ICC has 26 employees with disabilities.

Professional consultant - satisfied customer

It is a common fact that 80% of the ICC effectiveness depends on professional personnel. It is by the quality of an operator's work that the customers judge the level of reliability and quality of the services offered. Therefore, all the operators are required to be sociable, have literate speech, clear diction, correct pronunciation, and be able to work efficiently with people. The new employees undergo mandatory training, and a special adaptation procedure has been developed for them. In its activities, the ICC cooperates with 29 central government agencies, which provide relevant information for the update of knowledge database, and also participate in the training of ICC employees. In order to provide financial incentive, performance-based pay system for operators has been introduced.

How to get a consultation in the Integrated Call Center? 

The ICC provides its services to individuals and legal entities on a 24/7 basis, without breaks, weekends and holidays. The ICC operators deliver the services from 09:00 AM to 09:00 PM. In the period between 09:00 PM and 09:00 AM, the services are delivered to service recipients through the automated tools (voice robot and Chat Bot). Citizens and government agencies have the options to contact the ICC by calling 1414 (from any communication provider of the Republic of Kazakhstan, free-of-charge),+7 7172 906 984 (for calls from abroad, according to the tariffs of communication providers, free-of-charge via the Internet); by visiting the web-resources, ,Telegram bot (EgovKzBot 2.0), Public Corporation Accounts in Facebook and VK; by writing to the e-mail: Also, consultations are provided through the CSC mobile app and 79 public services are delivered via video communication format.

To reduce the time the citizen waits for a response, a voice robot automation system has been implemented containing 50 statistical and 5 dynamic self-service services. The robot consults in 2 languages (Russian and Kazakh). The most frequently used interactive dynamic self-service services are as follows: "Verification of document status", "Booking a queue to the Citizen Service Center", obtainment of certificates from narcological/psychoneurology dispensary. The robot can send the list of documents required to get a particular service via SMS. A callback system is also available, which enables connecting to a service recipient later if a service recipient had to wait for a long time when calling 1414. There is a single omnichannel platform that allows a citizen to choose a consultation between different channels of interaction with a transfer from one channel to another. In December 2018, under the "Digital Kazakhstan" state program, the ICC launched a software product "AI-enabled virtual consultant for delivery of text consultations on public services" (Chat Bot) implemented on the e-Gov portal.

In February 2019, the Chat Bot capabilities were expanded in terms of public service delivery automation. Thus, the delivery of a number of public services became possible via the Telegram and Facebook messengers.

Thus, a user, having a dialogue with a virtual consultant through messengers, will be able to get a certain public service without the need to visit portal. Moreover, using the Chat Bot, users can contact the ICC operator or submit requests into the chat, which are converted into tasks for further processing. The introduction of a virtual consultant made it possible to automate consultation on the most frequently requested public services of the e-Government portal. At a user`s request, the Chat Bot provides a relevant information from the ICC knowledge database, as well as a link to sections of the website containing complete information. Also, the Chat Bot has the capability for mass notification of users in chats or via e-mail. The capability of mass mailing allows reducing the time for notifying users about important news, maintain feedback and raise awareness about the new features on the e-Government portal.

Performance quality management

The ICC activities comply with the requirements defined by the Standard requirements for arrangement of activities of the call centers of administrative bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The ICC is preparing to undergo international certification for compliance with the requirements provided for in the ISO 18295 standard. Each incoming call to the ICC is registered and recorded in a special quality control system. If a complaint was received to a consultation delivered by an operator,the recorded conversation is played back by a quality control officer and in case the wrongful actions of an operator are confirmed, the relevant disciplinary measures are taken against an employee. On March 22, 2017, the ICC became the winner of the Crystal Headset Awards in the "The Best Call Center in Government Agencies and Utility Sector" nomination. On February 2, 2018, the ICC was shortlisted in the Crystal Headset Awards in the following nominations: "Paraoperator of the Year", "The Best Program for Enhancement, Modernization and Business Transformation". The ICC took part in the international CCGuru Awards/Crystal Headset. On March 20, 2024, the ICC was nominated in "THE BEST CONTACT CENTER FOR THE POPULATION" category.

Performance indicators

The number of citizens receiving consultation on public services by calling the ICC is increasing annually. Every day, each operator talks to dozens of customers who are waiting for an instant reaction and a solution to their issues. On average, the ICC processes from 30 thousand to 90 thousand requests per day. The record number of processed requests amounts to more than 100 thousand calls. In 2021, the ICC accepted 20.0 million requests, in 2022 - over 23.1 million requests and in 2023 – 29.3 million requests.

The arrangement of the call center's activities carried out based on the established requirements made it possible to achieve a reduction in the waiting time for an operator's response from 1 minute 17 seconds in 2021 to 20 seconds in 2023. The percentage of citizens who got through and received a consultation amounted to 96.3% in 2021, 98.3% in 2022, and 98.7% in 2023. The quality and completeness of information provided has improved, so the average score received from users in 2023 reached the indicator of 4.84. 

 Usually , the ICC receives questions on the following public services:

Via e-Gov portal

Via "Government for Citizens" Public Corporation


Marriage registration including the changes, additions or corrections entering to the vital record’s acts  

On registration of place of residence of the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan 


Placing pre-school children (up to 6 years old) on the waiting list for referral to pre-school organizations

On state registration (re-registration) of the legal entities, record registration (re-registration) their branches and representative offices


State registration of legal entities, record registration of their branches and representative offices

State registration of rights (encumbrances) on immovable property


Attachment to a medical organization providing primary health care

Assignment of social payments in case of social risks: loss of capacity to work; loss of breadwinner; loss of job; lost of income due to maternity and childbirth; loss of income due to adoption of newborn child (children); loss of income due to childcare until he reaches three years old   


Provision of information on registered titles (encumbrances) for immovable property and its technical characteristics 

State registration of legal bodies, record registration of its branches and representative offices 


Also, operators often consult on the following:

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