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Last update: 26.08.2021

Judicial gavel and laptopThe "Open legalacts" portal is one of the components of the "Open Government" project, created as a platform for discussing draft normative legal acts until they are coordinated in state and local executive bodies.

According to the Laws "On State Services" and "On Access to Information", the state bodies - developers of normative and legal acts publish drafts of public service standards and concept of draft laws on the portal for public discussion. Every citizen can get acquainted with the published normative legal documents and make their suggestions for their improvement.

How to take part in the discussion of draft RLAs

For your convenience, all projects of normative and legal acts available for public discussion on the portal are divided into categories, to central and local state bodies. Draft laws can be filtered according to the following types:

  • Standard;
  • Concept;
  • Law;
  • Standard of public service;
  • Order;
  • Report;
  • Resolution;
  • Decision;
  • Regulation;
  • Agreement;
  • Provision;
  • Decree;
  • Directive.

If you could not find the required document by the above parameters, then you can use the search.

Each published normative legal act contains information on its status, type, date of creation and the deadline for the end of public discussion. The documents attached to it in the form of files can be downloaded.

If you have comments on a line of the document's main content, you can add a separate comment to each of them.

All user comments are displayed at the bottom of the page, and you can vote for each of them with the "For" and "Against" marks.

Note that authorization on the portal to leave comments is desirable, but not necessary, since commenting functionality is provided through the indication of the name, email and the filling of the "captcha" mechanism.

Authorization on the portal is required if you intend to actively participate in the discussion of published regulatory legal acts by subscribing to the tracking of changes in individual documents or sections (Categories/CSBs).

The components of the Open Government are directly linked to the portal because they have a single registration mechanism that requires an EDS. More details about the registration procedure can be found in the section "For the first time on the portal" on the e-government portal.

All comments of citizens are considered by representatives of state and local executive bodies, which oversees the development of normative legal acts, after which, following the results of the public discussion, the system compiles a report with the application of accepted and unaccepted comments and proposals.

Lecture on the curriculum of the seminar on the Open Government course

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