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Last update: 06.04.2020

JSC «KazAgroFinance» was established in  December 28 1999 in accordance with Republic of Kazakhstan Government decree from November 24, 1999 № 1777 «On some agriculture questions” for cooperation in solution of one of the main problems in agriculture – renovation of technical park. Society is included as a compound of National managing holding  «KazAgro».

The Company is wholly owned by National Managing Holding ‘KazAgro’ JSC.

In its turn, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan is a Sole Shareholder of the Holding. The Company carries out its activity based on the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan ‘On Joint Stock Companies’ and in accordance with the best corporate management practice. The Company serves for the benefit of the Sole Shareholder, is accountable to the Sole Shareholder and the Board of Directors.

Main purpose – support in development of agrarian sector of the republic by provision of access of agricultural producers to finance as well as to agricultural technic and technological equipment on a leasing basis.

Mission of JSC «KazAgroFinance» is a technical and technological renovation of agroindustrial complex by provision of agricultural producers with available financial resources as well as agricultural technics and technological equipment on a leasing basis.

Vision of Society – a key financial investment organization in agroindustrial complex of Kazakhstan, providing efficient management of own assets to support the development of agrarian sector of the republic by provision of available financial services and realization of leasing activity according to its technical and technological renovation on the basis of high business standards and reliability.   

Society funds the realization of new high technological productions for implementation of a new technological equipment of leading world producers with the full cycle of production.

Types of activity

For realization of statutory goals Society realizes following types of activity:

  1. Leasing activity in agroindustrial complex.
  2. Crediting and provision of financial and other services to the subjects of agroindustrial complex.
  3. Participation in realization of republican budget and other programs, directed to the development of agroindustrial complex.

Society has 14 branches in all regions of Kazakhstan.

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