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How to obtain a permit for placement of advertisements on the streets Printable version

Last update: 02.09.2021

Advertising is a necessary tool for promotion of business and attraction of attention to activities. 

Usually, a payment is required for placement of advertisement on any platform, both online and offline. If it is an outdoor advertising on the streets than you need to obtain a permit in akimat for its placement.   

Conditions and requirements for placement of outdoor advertisements​​

You need to obtain a permit for placement of advertisements in case if information that you want to place outdoors is of advertising nature, i.e. urges to acquire goods, works or services.       Indication of price, e-mail, website and phone numbers is deemed to be an advertisement.

An exception is signs, interior decoration of showcases and windows and information on working hours.

Advertisements should be written in two languages: Kazak and Russian. Texts should be located in the following order: on the left or on top: in Kazakh; on the right or below: in Russian and information should be written in similar size.

If an activity that is to be advertised is subject to licensing, you need to indicate a license number and issuance date and which agency issued it.  

Which advertisements are prohibited

  • Advertising of the following items is prohibited: breast milk, electronic casinos, the Internet casinos, tobacco and tobacco products, ethyl alcohol and alcoholic products, financial (investment) pyramids.
  • An advertisement should not arouse social panic, urge individual to aggression or other illegal actions (inactions). 
  • An advertisement should not decrease functional qualities of roads; violate requirements to road traffic safety and environmental protection; be similar to road signs and markers; decrease their visibility or perceptual efficiency or blind road users.   
  • Disreputable, unreliable, misleading, hidden and unethical advertisements are prohibited.  
  • Advertisements cannot be placed on cultural and historical monuments, government agencies.

Approval of advertisement placement:

Approval of outdoor advertisements placement is performed on a free-of-charge basis via online services:

Approval of placement of outdoor (visual) advertisements in right-of-way for public roads of international and republican significance

– Approval of placement of outdoor (visual) advertisements in right-of-way for public roads of regional and district significance

Upon submission of online request, you need to enclose an electronic copy of outdoor advertisement sketch with indication of sizes.

After submission of request, within 5 working days you will receive a written approval or substantiated refusal to deliver a public service.

What is the amount of payment for placement of outdoor advertisement and when payment should be made?

Sum of monthly payment for placement of advertisements depends on the size of advertisement and its location.

Standard monthly fees for placement of outdoor advertisement are indicated in Article 605 of the Tax Code.

Payment is made monthly no later than 25th of current month. An advertiser needs to pay a fee for the first month of outdoor advertisement placement prior to notification submission.   

Upon submission of notification to local executive bodies of cities of republican significance, capital, cities of regional significance and districts, payers should enclose a document certifying payment of fee to the budget for the first month of outdoor (visual) advertisement placement.

Payment of fee to the budget is made at the place of outdoor advertisement placement.

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