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How to obtain the reference for another person via Third party e-certificates obtainment service Printable version

Last update: 11.12.2023

On the portal, individuals now can to obtain an e-abstract for another person. It is necessary to sign in on the portal without digital signature and sign the request using one-time SMS password. It means that a third party can obtain an abstract by signing in on portal without digital signature and confirming the request by means of one-time password.

In January 2018, under the “Services without abstracts” pilot project, the service was launched for obtaining e-abstracts by third parties.   

What is the process now?

A concerned party signs in on the e-Gov portal, selects “Abstracts obtainment by third parties” section and fills in a comulsory “IIN” field indicating data of a person for whom an abstract is requested. If a citizen is registered in mobile database, a concerned party selects the abstract type and signs the request with one-time password.

Afterwards, a citizen receives a message to the Personal Cabinet and SMS requesting to approve an abstract issuance or deny the issuance within 2 hours.   

In the event of approval, a concerned party obtains an e-abstract for a citizen in his/her Personal Cabinet.   

It should be noted that if an abstract for a citizen is requested by a legal entity or government agency then a request is signed by digital signature.   

Which abstracts can be requested by third parties via eGov portal?

  1. Provision of address data on the place of residence
  2. Issuance of certificate on registered rights to immovable property 
  3. Provision of certificate on absence (availability) of immovable property
  4. Issuance of certificate on receipt and flow of funds of a depositor of the Unified Pension Savings Fund
  5. Issuance of certificate of no criminal record
  6. Issuance of certificate confirming that an applicant (family) is entitled to get targeted social assistance
  7. Providing information from the Mental Health Center "Narcology"
  8. Providing information from the Mental Health Center "Psychiatry"
  9. Providing information from the Center of Phthisiopulmonology "Phthisiology"
  10. Certificate of registration as an unemployed
  11. Provision of an extract from personal account on the status of settlements with the budget for fulfillment of tax obligations of an individual
  12. Issuance of information on participation in medical services as a consumer and on the amounts of deductions and (or) contributions made to the compulsory social medical insurance system
  13. Appendix to the technical passport containing information about an owner
  14. Issuance of certificate on a military service status of an individual
  15. Issuance of certificate on the status of a holder of "Bolashak" international scholarship
  16. Issuance of a certificate on registered and terminated rights to real estate for individuals
  17. Information on absence (availability) of debt, accounting for which is maintained in the state revenue authorities
  18. Information on an administrative offense committed by an individual
  19. Issuance of information about the commission of a corruption crime by a person

It should be reminded that, to obtain the service, a citizen should be registered in mobile database. To do so, you need to access Personal Cabinet at portal and indicate your phone number in the “phone number” field and thus, you`ll be registered in citizens` mobile database or you can link your phone number to IIN by visiting CSC.

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