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Last update: 22.11.2022

If you graduated from a foreign university and want to work or continue studying in Kazakhstan, you need to nostrificate your diploma, i.e. legally validate it on the territory of Kazakhstan.

Although, depending on the place and time of study, nostrification might not be necessary.

In the material, we will describe the procedure in detail.

What is nostrification of educational certificates?

Nostrification of educational certificates is an official acknowledgment of educational certificates issued by foreign educational institutions, including the branches as well as by scientific centers and laboratories.  

Which documents are subject/not subject to nostrification?

Foreign documents on basic secondary/general secondary/technical/professional/post-secondary/higher and postgraduate education are subject to nostrification.

Transcript to diploma is a compulsory document for nostrification procedure.

Nostrification is not required for European diploma supplement, which is a unified form for all European countries containing information on the level, program and results that are needed to confer qualification or degree.

Diplomas on professional retraining that award a qualification in a certain area are not subject to nostrification.

Documents on education issued by foreign higher education organizations, scientific centers and laboratories to Kazakhstani citizens-holders of “Bolashak” international scholarship are acknowledged without nostrification.


Russian Federation

Eurasian Economic Union member countries

How equivalency of foreign diploma to Kazakhstani standards is established

Where to apply for a document nostrification


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