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Last update: 27.09.2023

signature and stampRenunciation of citizenship – is a statutory right of a citizen in the prescribed manner to end the relationship with the State of nationality. Renunciation of citizenship of the RK is realized on the basis of voluntary expression. Questions connected with the renunciation of citizenship of RK are regulated by RK Law «On Citizenship of the RK».

When applying for exit from the citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the units of the migration service, the applicant is explained the legal consequences of losing his citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan (about which an appropriate entry is made in the certificate issued by the police officer), as well as the applicants undertakes to submit Kazakhstan documents to the Office of the Migration Service.

Internal affairs agencies require information about the applying person in bodies of legal statistics and information under the General Prosecutor's Office and its territorial divisions about the criminal prosecution as an accused person or about the serving of the sentence upon conviction.

The internal affairs body indicates the following information in the statement on renunciation of citizenship: 

  • whether an applicant has outstanding obligations to the state or property obligations that relate to the essential interests of citizens, state and other organizations;
  • whether an applicant was accused of crime;
  • whether renunciation of citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan does not contradict the interests of state security.

Thus, if a citizen is brought to criminal responsibility as an accused or is serving a sentence under a court verdict, has unfulfilled obligations to the Republic of Kazakhstan or if a person's renunciation of citizenship is contrary to the interests of the national security of the Republic, then in accordance with Article 20 of the Law "On Citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan", renunciation will be denied.

After collecting and verifying all the documents submitted to the Migration Service Department, all materials are sent to the Citizenship Commission of the Republic of Kazakhstan under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan for making a substantiated decision.

You can familiarize with the step-by-step procedure for renunciation of citizenship, as well as learn about the terms of providing the service by following the link.

Upon renunciation of citizenship, a person has the right to withdraw pension savings. To do this, a person needs to contact a pension fund branch where a pension assignment agreement was concluded and provide the necessary documents. You can learn more about the withdrawal and transfer of pension savings by following the link.

Citizens can also apply for renunciation of citizenship while residing outside the Republic of Kazakhstan. On its own, residence outside of Kazakhstan does not lead to termination of Kazakh citizenship, however, failure to comply with the established conditions of living abroad may automatically lead to the loss of Kazakh citizenship.

Citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan permanently residing abroad (those who have withdrawn from registration at the internal affairs bodies of Kazakhstan, who have received permission to travel abroad for permanent residence), need to submit an application for renunciation of citizenship addressed to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan through a foreign institution of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The application is accompanied by:

  • application form according to the form, according to Annex 4 to the Rules;
  • autobiography (composed with own hand);
  • a photograph measuring 3.5 x 4.5 centimetres;
  • a copy of the applicant's identity document;
  • permission to leave for permanent residence, issued by the bodies of internal affairs of the RK;
  • certificate on the presence or absence of a criminal record in accordance with the order of the Prosecutor General of the RK dated July 27, 2015 № 95 "On approval of standards of public services" (registered in the Register of state registration of regulatory legal acts № 12055);
  • copies of birth certificates of children and marriage (if any);
  • a document confirming the possibility of obtaining foreign citizenship;
  • a document on payment of consular fee;
  • notarized application-consent to renounce the citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan and absence of material and other claims from an applicant's spouse or dependent persons residing in the Republic of Kazakhstan or copies of their death certificates, a court decision on recognizing a citizen as deceased or missing.

During documents acceptance, legal consequences of termination of citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan as well as the provisions of Article 3 of the Law, according to which a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan is not recognized as a citizen of a foreign state are explained to applicants and a note about it is made in application form.

Applications for citizenship in relation to persons under the age of 18, as well as those recognized as legally incompetent, are considered at the request of their legal representatives, certified by a notary public, and in other states – certified by a foreign institution, together with a copy of a child's birth certificate (adoptive parents, guardians and trustees submit a copy of the decision made by a local executive body of the Republic of Kazakhstan) or with the identity document of an incapacitated person.

When submitting an application for changing a citizenship of a child between the ages of 14 and 18, their consent is required, which should be expressed in writing and be notarized, and in other countries – certified by a foreign institution.

Documents should be drawn up in the state or Russian languages or in another language with a notarized translation into the state or Russian language.


In what cases can one be deprived or lose citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan?

Renunciation of citizenship of children (under 18 years)


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