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Private bailiff in Kazakhstan: contact information and tariffs for services Printable version

Last update: 20.02.2023

a hammerPrivate bailiff is a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan engaged in private practice for the execution of enforcement documents without establishing a legal entity based on a license for the right to engage into activities related to execution of enforcement documents issued by an authorized body.

State bailiff is an official who is in public service and performs the functions assigned by the law to take measures aimed at the enforcement of executive documents.

Bailiff is a state bailiff and a private bailiff who performs the functions assigned to them by law for the execution of executive documents and have equal rights and obligations.

Fee rates for the activities of a private bailiff

The fee rate for the activities of a private bailiff paid within the enforcement proceedings is established by the Government in the following order depending on the category of cases:

  1. For enforcement documents of a property (monetary) nature the amounts are as follows:
  • up to 60 MCI - in the amount of 25 percent of the recovery sum;
  • from 60 to 300 MCI - in the amount of 20 percent of the recovery sum;
  • from 300 to 1 000 MCI - in the amount of 15 percent of the recovery sum;
  • from 1 000 to 5 000 MCI - in the amount of 10 percent of the recovery sum;
  • from 5 000 to 10 000 MCI - in the amount of 8 percent of the recovery sum;
  • from 10 000 to 20 000 MCI - in the amount of 5 percent of the recovery sum;
  • over 20 000 - in the amount of 3 percent of the recovery sum.
  1. For non-property (non-monetary) enforcement documents:
  • on expulsion and (or) settlement, obligation of a debtor to perform certain actions and (or) refrain from committing them: from individuals - from individuals 50 MCI, legal entities 100 MCI;
  • on securing a claim, releasing property from arrest and other enforcement documents: from individuals 10 MCI, legal entities 20 MCI;
  • on the order of communication with a child: from individuals in the amount of 20 MCI monthly.
  1. For enforcement documents on collection of periodic payments:
  • on the recovery of alimony and compensation for damage caused by injury or other damage to health, in the amount of 1 MCI from the amount of recovery quarterly.

When collecting the resulting debt, payment for the activities of a private bailiff is carried out in accordance with subclause 1) the actual amounts of payment for the activities of a private bailiff.

Regional collegium of p​rivate bailiff:

Regional college of Astana city

Regional college of Almaty city

Regional college of Shymkent city

Regional college of Akmola region

Regional college of Almaty region

Regional college of Kostanai region

Regional college of Pavlodar region

Regional college of Karaganda region

Regional college of Kyzylorda region

Regional college of Aktobe region

Regional college of Atyrau region

Regional college of Mangistau region

Regional college of West Kazakhstan region

Regional college of Zhambyl region

Regional college of North-Kazakhstan region

Regional college of East-Kazakhstan region

Regional college of Turkestan region

Regional college of Abay region

Regional college of Zhetysu region

Regional college of Ulytau region


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