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The procedure for sending to study abroad within the framework of international treaties and agreements Printable version

Last update: 30.09.2021

The opportunity to study abroad has become a reality. The most prestigious universities and colleges in the world open their doors in front of purpose-driven students who are aimed at success and knowledge. This article gives you a wide range of information about the programmes of higher educational institutions abroad. It is very important to choose a program that meets your expectations and interests.

Which countries can be studied within the framework of international treaties in the field of education?

Hungary, China, Poland, Ukraine, Vietnam, Belarus, Tajikistan

Which programs are being used to recruit applicants?

  1. Bachelor's degree;
  2. Master's degree;
  3. PhD studies.

Where can I find out about the deadlines for accepting documents?

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the JSC "Center for International Programs" within 5 (five) working days place an announcement on their official websites about the beginning of the admission of documents for the selection of candidates for study abroad within the framework of contracts and agreements concluded between the governments or departments of the Republic of Kazakhstan and foreign countries from the date of receipt of a diplomatic note.

The conditions for participation in the competition for studies abroad, within the framework of concluded contracts and agreements are as follows:

Selection of applicants for studying abroad within the framework of international agreements in the field of education is carried out by the Contest Commission by means of personal interviews, including online interviews.

Have you received a grant under international education agreements?

You need to sign an agreement with the Center for International Programs.

The persons sent on training within the framework of the international treaties in the field of education, inform on an annual basis the Administrator on the termination of the academic period of training by granting a transcript.


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