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Tips for Kazakhstan citizens traveling abroad Printable version

Last update: 02.06.2020

This check list is intended for citizens of the RK travelling abroad and contains general rules and practical recommendations, the knowledge and observance of which will help to avoid difficulties during the trip abroad.

Preaparation for the trip

When travelling abroad, it is recommended that you check the validity of your travel documents first. Namely, make sure that your passport contains the correct name, surname, patronymic (including Latin transliteration), date and place of birth, children's details, and passport validity period (the validity of the passport should not expire less than 6 months after the end of the trip).

Before leaving, tell relatives and friends about your trip, place of stay, leave contact phone numbers.

Write down the phone numbers of the embassies or consular offices of the RK in the country of your forthcoming stay, which are indicated on the eGov portal in the section "Travel abroad".

If a foreign currency is exported from the RK in the amount exceeding the equivalent of three thousand U.S. dollars, it is necessary to declare the amount exported in writing. Citizens of the RK may export foreign currency in cash abroad in the amount not exceeding the equivalent of ten thousand U.S. dollars, without providing documents confirming the origin of the exported foreign currency in cash. In case of export of currency in the amount exceeding this amount, it is necessary to provide supporting documents, which can be: certificates of exchange offices on purchase of foreign currency; documents on withdrawal of money from the bank account in foreign currency; bank documents on receipt of foreign currency on a single transfer; customs declaration on the amount of foreign currency imported earlier to the RK. However, do not forget to specify the amount of cash that is not subject to declaration when entering the country you are going to.

Ask in advance if you have the medicines you need in your country. Often, drugs that can be easily bought in Kazakhstan are not produced abroad, or can be bought only by prescription.

If you travel to hot climates, you should get your vaccinations in advance. Vaccinations against diphtheria, tetanus and polio are recommended for citizens travelling to tropical countries. Vaccination against yellow fever is mandatory when travelling to Africa (Sub-Saharan Africa) and Latin America. Pilgrims to Mecca are recommended antimeningococcal vaccination. In cases of prolonged stay in countries of Africa and Southeast Asia, it is expedient to vaccinate against hepatitis B

Before travelling abroad for studies, work or permanent residence, you should legalize or apostilize your documents well in advance. First of all, this applies to documents on education, certificates issued by the civil register office, documents relating to property relations and social security issues.

It should be taken into account that in many countries there are bans or partial restrictions on the importation of foodstuffs, alcoholic beverages and tobacco products. For example, in Muslim countries it is not allowed to import any alcoholic products.

It will be prudent to take care of purchasing a medical insurance policy for the period of stay abroad. Its availability will allow to insure against accident during the trip and to avoid expenses for unforeseen medical expenses in case of insured event.

Getting a visa

On the way

While abroad


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