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How to receive housing from the state and who has on this right Printable version

Last update: 30.03.2023

family and keyHousing question is one of the most topical questions today. There are various ways of its resolution: purchase, mortgage banks programs, obtaining of official housing, obtaining of rental housing with subsequent purchase, obtaining of housing on a government program or obtaining of housing from akimat for certain groups of citizens. The order of queuing for housing from the state will be discussed in this article.

General scheme of housing obtaining from public housing fund looks like this:​

  • Preparation and submission of required documents to akimat or online.
  • If all documents are in order – then getting of notification within 30 calendar days and tracking the queue (learn how to do it online).
  • Checking of documents by the housing commission and issuance of the decision (see how it looks).
  • Conclusion of the contract (see how typical sample looks like) and obtaining of housing.

What types of housing are there?

Who can pretend on obtaining of housing from public housing fund?

Who distributes the housing from the state?

On what size of living area from the state can you pretend and what should the housing look like?

here should you appeal for queuing on the obtaining of housing and what documents are required in this case

When may I get housing  from the state, or in what cases may I be refused?

In what cases and on what grounds of housing you may be refused in queuing for the obtaining of housing?

In what cases you may be removed from the queue for housing?


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